Sexual Health Questionnaire

To assist you in better understanding your own sexual health, Siloam Foundation provides this questionnaire and a brief assessment at the conclusion. We strongly recommend that all those interested in working with children that have experienced trauma or abuse read the excellent book "Sexual Issues with Children - Promoting Healthy Rather than Unhealthy Behavior" by Dave Ziegler Ph.D.

Sexual Health is much more than behavior; it includes attitudes, perceptions, emotions, beliefs and personal orientation. The following questionnaire addresses the broadest meaning of sexuality. Answer each question as accurately as possible; don't answer as you think you should but rather with your most honest response.

Each question has a scale slider for you to choose the best number on the continuum provided: between the statement on the left - from 0 ~ 10 - for the statement on the right.

Please note the results are confidential to you and not shared with anyone. Siloam Foundation keeps the results and uses them only to observe trends and norms and no individual results are accessible or shared. This questionnaire is © copyright to Dave Ziegler, Ph.D. 2015 and used by permission.

Please take a special note of the last question - this is critically important. We suggest you do not score the questionnaire until you can answer this questionnaire completely honestly.

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