Basic Understandings

  • ✔ The most critical and important influence in shaping and moulding a healthy person or a dysfunctional individual is the family
  • ✔ Optimum healing of hurting and abused tamariki occurs in a supportive intentional family
  • ✔ There is hope and positive change outcomes for all survivors of abuse under the right conditions and influences
  • ✔ Our world view is developed at an early age – either positive and trusting if treated responsively, or anxious and fearful if treated unresponsively
  • ✔ Human beings have the potential of becoming fully functional; skills must be demonstrated / taught and learned / mastered
  • ✔ Healthy environments and interactions will produce healthy individuals
  • ✔ We all need to develop self understanding to become whole
  • ✔ Wholeness includes a healthy balance of wellness in our body, mind, will, emotions, spirit and relationships




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