Functional Structure

  • • Objective is to ensure that our function remains sustainable long term for all those involved. i.e. Proactive plans, functions and methodology to ensure life in an intentional family is supportive, exhilarating, continually learning and growing
  • • Intentional family will typically comprise six (6) adults that embody and live out the essence of the mission, living and pro-actively working together to ensure a healthy environment for all the community that live and work together. Initial plan is that this will comprise two married couples, probably one older couple and one younger couple (no tamariki of their own yet) along with two single ladies all living under “one roof” to provide an intentional healthy family environment.
  • • Wider community support is also a vital part of the mix, ensuring a multifaceted mix of skills, ages, experience, ethnicity and cultural perspective to create an affirming environment that makes space for and embraces those needing a hand in their walk towards wholeness and functioning positively within the hapori
  • • Tamariki and young people will be welcomed into the intentional family and invited to journey life together. Each member of the intentional family is able to uniquely contribute and help enrich the lives of others, thus all are invited to participate as we actively promote and pursue this in a safe, protected lifestyle together
  • • Our homes will largely be in rural settings, providing opportunities to assist in the care and maintenance of garden, land and animals. We will find valuable tasks for all to work at, thus each contributes as able and within their ability and progress as they master each skill or learning opportunity.
  • • A key aspect of the intentional family doing life together will be the times spent talking and sharing around the table or lounge, where discussions about the events of the day are shared, examined and learning opportunities identified. This aims to be a time of sharing, and gentle stretching of our views to understand others' perspectives, and viewpoints .leading to a time of self discovery and growth and learning for all. In accordance with our guiding principles, this process will integrate the biblical narrative and understandings of God as the creator and sustainer of all.




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