Core Practices

  • • Our intentional families are places where we constantly critically reflect, consult, seek supervision and outcomes which will in turn inform best practices for our living and modelling both in ourselves and for all those we live, relate and work with
  • • We will deal with each other honestly, with integrity, and kindness to serve, bring out and encourage the best each is able to give – with emphasis on continual praise and support for the things being done well, encouraging a strength based and solution focused approach to bring about change
  • • We seek to foster an environment of transparency and trust, recognising that for many this will be a difficult transition as their history and interactions with support agencies have often been fractured and broken.
  • • We will advocate for the well being of the child; we will seek to hear their voice and encourage them to express their needs, feelings and desires and support them in clearly defining and expressing these to all those that have decision making power over them
  • • We will seek partnerships with those working in the community to support and grow healthy tamariki. Our objective is to not “re-invent the wheel”, rather to champion and celebrate best practice and ensure healthy consultative collaboration throughout Tauranga Moana
  • • Regular and frequent “taking stock” of how we are all doing. Opportunities for all to contribute, provide feedback, offer suggestions and encouragement. Let's celebrate all the areas where we're each doing right




27 Kildonan Place
Tauranga, 3110