Siloam Vision and Mission

  • ➢ To bring hope and healing to tamariki and whanau suffering the effects of trauma and abuse
  • ➢ To enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of our hapori
  • ➢ To provide consistent, responsive care based upon best practice methods
  • ➢ To focus on successes rather than failure
  • ➢ To encourage, develop and support a learning environment for all - tamariki, whanau, and family mentors - learning is never done
  • ➢ To provide opportunities for meaningful contribution by all: tamariki, whanau and family mentors alike
  • ➢ To advocate for the hurting and voiceless - to assist understanding and non-judgemental, loving acceptance - to journey and grow together
  • ➢ To establish intentional families aiming to provide a supportive treatment family context - committed individuals with a sincere interest in involvement can produce a profound, influential and healing family environment




27 Kildonan Place
Tauranga, 3110