Tamariki Rights and Responsibilities

Kids' Rights
  • Staff are to treat you in a manner that is both kind and firm. You have a right not to be mistreated or hurt. If there is a problem, tell a staff member or your therapist.
  • You should not be treated differently than other children just because you are a boy or girl, or because of your race or for any other reason you can't change.
  • You can talk to adults and say things that are private to you and that you don't want other children or non-staff to know.
  • You can have family or friends visit if they are on your visiting list.
  • You can be part of special off site activities we've planned as long as you have been acting in a responsible and safe manner.
  • If someone destroys or steals your things, you can have them returned or replaced.
  • You can ask to contact your caseworker, your Oranga Tamariki caseworker or solicitor when you need them.
  • If you aren't being treated well, you can complain to staff or your caseworker and they will help you fix the problem.
  • You can always eat meals unless you decide not to; your meals will not be taken away. You will not be physically punished or intentionally hurt.
  • The better you do and the more you cooperate, the more decisions you get to make for yourself and the more privileges you will receive.
  • You have the right to your feelings and expressing your feelings. However, keep in mind that others will usually treat you the way you treat them.
Kids' Responsibilities
Just as kids have rights in a Siloam home, kids have responsibilities as well. The following list describes your responsibilities here:
  • No verbal or physical violence, and be respectful to others.
  • No sexual talk or sexual acting out.
  • Follow directions and cooperate.
  • Don't get in someone else's space or touch other residents without permission.
  • Be in sight of the staff at all times (except in your bed or in the bathroom).
  • Ask for permission to do most everything, so a staff person knows what you want.
  • Take care of your possessions which all need to be marked with your initials.
  • Wear nice clothes without stains and holes. Wear school clothes for school and play clothes after school. Don't walk on the carpet with outside shoes, and wear indoor shoes inside.
  • Don't share clothes or hair items with others.
  • Get permission to play with another resident and his or her toys. Don't trade or give your possessions to others without permission.
  • Your privileges depend on how good of a job you are doing (your daily points).
  • Get permission to leave the table after snack and meals.
  • Don't go into the kitchen without permission.
  • Use quiet voices after dinner.
  • Pick up after yourself.
  • Do not go into the rooms of other children.
  • Keep your bed made and your room neat, and do a good job on your chores.
  • Have safe behaviour and always walk in the house.
  • No throwing rocks and sticks and do not pick up insects or animals without permission.
  • No food in your room.
  • Your bedtime depends upon how well you are doing (your points).
  • We will help kids be safe and if they are acting unsafe we may need to hold them until they can act safely.
  • If anything is bothering you, tell a staff person.
  • We want you to have fun. If you cooperate and follow directions you will have more fun.




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